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    I am trying to install lightTPD, using tutorial at

    When I run TestMode.bat I get:

    LightTPD Test mode <without log>
    Pres ‘Ctrl + C’ to exit.

    LightTPD output:
    2009-03-28 22:55:31: <configfile-glue.c.67> server.upload-dirs should have been a array of strings like … = < “…” >

    When I web-browse http:\\localhost I see the LightTPD test page. Task Manager does not show lightTPD in process list, but it shows mysqld-nt.exe and php-cgi.exe. start-lightpad.bat starts those two processes, but stop-lighttpd.bat does not close mysqld-nt.exe. I have added c:\Program Files\lightTPD and c:\Program Files\mysql\mysql server 5.0\bin and c:\Program Files\PHP to my path. Any help would be appreciated.

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