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  1. Zambrano Sergio
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Is there a way to get wordpress.org user bio from visitor? (user just registered)

    I'm trying to let users to modify a post with the lesser steps possible, and to show the "author info" with a bio.

    Since users didn't go through the profile page yet, I need to take the bio from somewhere else, e.g. gravatar, wordpress.org, etc.

  2. Zambrano Sergio
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'd like to show THEIR bio in MY blog, either from wordpress.com, wordpress.org, gravatar, etc (I'm not so sure gravatar has a bio) but I don't want them to register for that. At the most I'd ask them for their email address.

    I think that's the deal.

    Is there a way to retrieve some wp bio from their e-mail address? (preferably from the cookies or session to save them to enter any info)

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