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  • I had a visitor tell me that the comments and sidebars display as symbols rather than font for her. She assumed I was using an odd font that she doesn’t have in those places. I never changed the font to anything different so I don’t know what is going on.

    Does anyone have a guess as to what is going on? The site is at . As far as I know only the one visitor has the problem so I’m not planning to make any changes… just wondering about the issue. Thanks

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  • It must be something wrong on her end…
    I bet her browser is “forcing” a different charset (encoding) when viewing your site.
    Any browser should be set to automatically recognize the encoding of the site they visit.

    Thanks for the quick reply moshu. It’s nice to be able to tell her that I asked the experts and “they” didn’t suggest anything wrong on my end. 🙂

    I’m back. I’m getting more reports that everything except my latest blog entry is showing up as wingdings. It seems to be only users of IE that are having the problem.

    I’m open to suggestions. I am using wp-sticky.1.00 and have marked that first post as a sticky. This is the first time I’ve used this plug in. Do you think it could be the culprit?

    Once again..
    I took off the sticky note attribute and the problem still existed. Then I went in to edit posts and looked at the html. In the one post that is appearing normal (the latest) every paragraph began with “{p class=”MsoNormal”}”. This does not appear in any of the other posts. I removed the extra code and just left the “p” to see what would happen but it hasn’t made a difference that I can find.

    I recently made changes to my header which included code changes to the style.css

    My blog is at

    Final time..
    It is official, I am an idiot. If I would have done a search first I would have found my problem. I wrote the post in Microsoft WOrd and then did a cut and paste. Shame, shame on me. 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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