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    Can anyone help me, Newbie when it comes to word press. When visitors leave a comment on my page, it shows their name followed by the following symbol – &hellip

    Does anyone know what this means, and is there a way to get rid of it? Here is a link to a sample page on my site. Look closely at visitors names followed by the symbol. Thanks in advance.


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  • This is supposed to output the symbol for the html character code:


    which looks like ‘…’ (without the quotes).

    This is probably a typo somewhere in your theme or a Plugin that does something extra with comments.

    Thank you dgwyer. I am not skilled in WP. Is there anyway to fix this? Do I need to deactivate each plugin one at a time to find the solution, or delete each one – one at a time to see if this fixes it?

    Temporarily deactivate your Plugins, see if the problem persists. If so, the it is an issue with your theme code.

    Hi dgwyer, first, thank you for your support here, much appreciated. I deactivated all the plugins, but still had the issue. Is there another solution?

    I just experimented with another theme, and the problem did not exist. Do you know if I can fix this in my theme?

    Try taking a look in your comments.php theme file.

    What would I look for?

    Here is what I found in the comments.php

    I found those characters there.

    <?php if ($comment->comment_type == “comment”) comment_author_link();
    else {
    echo ‘comment_author_url.'”>’.$author.’‘;


    I have been searching all over the net for a solution for this, but nothing. Can anyone help…..please!

    I would just take it out and if it worked fine. If not I would put it back in again. Thats how I do half my css – trial and error.

    Just make sure you save either the original file or the code you are taking out and know where it goes.

    Thank you kmessinger. My problem, I am not knowledgeable in WP. I am not even sure what to take out. Can you elaborate on this. Thank you.

    Take out &hellip or add a semi-colon so it becomes &hellip;. Whatever works best for you.

    Thank you dgwyer. I tried both ways, but both times, it made the web page turn blue and unreadable. Unless I did it wrong. I did keep the quotations around the word hellip. Should I take them out?

    Try replacing the whole following line:






    dgwyer, thank you so much for sharing your expertise, I am quite impressed. I tried the first suggestion, and it worked like a charm. Your support was much appreciated. Although my design is older, I still like it a lot, and it meets my needs. So…thanks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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