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  • hestaer


    The plugin stopped working so I uninstalled it. Tried to then reinstall visitor maps and whos online but I cant find the plugin anymore. Is it still available?

    I tried to find it under plugins, add new and then search for visitor maps and whos online but it no longer comes up in search results. I cant find it on wordpress plugins website either.

    I have tried a different plugin for showing visitors but it is not as good.

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  • Tig1960


    I’ve had an alert from Wordfence to say that the plugin has been removed from WordPress. However, I don’t know why it’s been removed.



    I writed to the author yesterday, but no answer

    Mike Challis


    I am the original author of Visitor maps. This plugin had a new owner in June 2017 with a WP user profile name “fastsecure”. The new owner attempted to put code in several of his newly acquired WordPress plugins that would connect to a 3rd party server he also owned and place spam ads for payday loans and such in the WP posts.

    The new owner did not release any new versions of this plugin. The new owner never added spam code to this plugin like he did to other plugins he acquired. The last version I released was with safe code.

    I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I never expected that this would happen. The plugin was taken off the WordPress repository by WordPress staff until this can be sorted out. Perhaps a new version will soon be published. I might be able to restore my Contributor status. In the meantime it should be advised to deactivate or uninstall the plugin until it is sorted out who will maintain it.

    Mike Challis



    I have version by Fastsecure, but you’re saying that he didn’t release any new versions of the plugin? If you released then he must have done, but would he have put spam code in it? I have to say that I haven’t seen any spam ads on my site.

    It would be good if you could take it over again. 😀



    Mike – love this plugin – I happily did not upgrade past v I am sure I am not alone in wishing that you would take this plugin or create a near similar one and continue on with it. It is a must have plugin for me.

    Ok so I still have Version of the plugin including Visitor Maps Geolocation Addon Version 1.0.1 and both work fine for me at this moment. Im honestly surprised, I never saw a single spam thing or ads.

    One of my website still had those plugins so through my Control panel I basically copy pasted them to the other site (no FTP needed, just the CP) and they work, just needed to have the geolite city database there too to have the same full functionalities.

    Again through your CP, go to your manage file, target your old site who may have it, get to wp-content/visitor-maps-geoip , its a folder where your will find GeoLiteCity.dat. copy selected to your new site. If you had previously copied the plugins as advised, you should find there is a wp-content/visitor-maps-geoip folder that is empty! So target it and paste the GeoLiteCity.dat in there.

    Refresh your dashboard and you will see that in the visitor section, it no longer asks you to install it. Though the update button is there to click, it is unnecessary. Just check the actual map in your admin board and it should look as it should be. Hope that helps a few!

    Now whenever you want to interact with your options do it via the actual setting tab otherwise you might land on the annoying 404 or other sort of error page.

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    I too have Version tromping away on one of my websites
    Its the best of the best that plugin, gives all the details we need.
    Get it back up and running please Mike, we love you

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