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  • I’ve been using WP since Dec ’07 – I’ve used a few widgets in my search for Statistics. I like ones that show me the origin of the visitors – i.e.: Flag/Country/City – etc.:

    I started with StatPress – nice formatting and I loved the “Spy” feature and how it displayed the flag from the country of origin and had an option of “more info” if you wanted to know more specifically where, like the city!

    Then I discovered the cPanel (I was a newbie, my tech had to show me) – and Web/FTP Stats on webalizer, Which I customized with AwStats. Nice, loads of info.

    Then came WassUp with a nice preview graph in the Dashbord. Very nice, but still no details on the precise (?) whereabouts of the visitor.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on widgets that display “Visitor Stats” completely … in a nice, clean, colorful concise way?

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  • Hi Uncle Ash, you must have a look at Google Analytics : there’s a complete geolocalitzation screen.

    A bit complicated to get it up and running, but still one of the bests.

    complicated … yep.
    I was hoping for something that I could figure out.

    Anythings else? Anyone?

    Uncle Ash, did you try the newer WassUp version? It has a “spy view” where you can enable a geolocalized Google Map with the latest IP locations.
    Give it a try, but you need the php-curl library available in order to use this feature.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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