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  • My client wants to their popups to display after 3 page views and two seconds, but both locally on our test server and on their production server the popup always displays on the second page. Is this a problem within the plugin or could I be doing something wrong/could there be a conflict?


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  • I have now tried the plugin on few other WP installations and it works fine with the default themes. Still it does not work properly for me, so it’s obviously a problem with my theme or setup. I’ve tried inactivating all other plugins and some scripts that could possibly be the cause of conflicts, but still no result.

    Do you have any ideas what this could be related to? Have you run into any conflicts during development that I could start looking for?

    Thanks again.



    After even more tries it’s apparent that it doesn’t work properly even with the Twenty Thirteen theme on a clean WP installation, on a different web host – it sometimes seem to work for a bit but after a few tries it doesn’t.

    The problem is that the session-variable that increases for each page view doesn’t always increase in in steps of one. It rather acts as if there were page views between my views – only I’m the only one surfing the development site and I’m the only one on the clean WP installation as well.

    These rows of the generated script (shown around row 80-90 or so, depending on theme used) shows where it goes wrong.

    On first page view:
    if ((($.cookie('displetpop_recentpop', {path:'/'}) != 'yes' && '1' >= '3') || ('' == '1' && '' == '1')) && urlmatch != 'no'){

    On second page view:
    if ((($.cookie('displetpop_recentpop', {path:'/'}) != 'yes' && '3' >= '3') || ('' == '1' && '' == '1')) && urlmatch != 'no'){

    On third page view:
    if ((($.cookie('displetpop_recentpop', {path:'/'}) != 'yes' && '4' >= '3') || ('' == '1' && '' == '1')) && urlmatch != 'no'){

    See the ‘1’ >= ‘3’, ‘3’ >= ‘3’ & ‘4’ >= ‘3’?
    Sometimes the numbers are 1, 2, 4 instead and rarely it works properly as 1, 2, 3.

    Since this has happened on two completely separate servers (different web hosts) as well as with both with our custom theme and the default theme, with and without the other plugins we use, it seems like it should happen to other people as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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