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  • Hi there,
    I just started using wordpress a few days ago and I am impressed, it is so much easyer and better than I expected. But I have some challanges…

    I would like to display on the indexpage how often a post was visited…
    I tried many “hit and linkcounters” but could not get any working the way it should…

    On the index page I have several links with thumbnail(?) and I would like to display next to it how many times a certain post has been visited.

    Anyone can help?

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  • Have you looked here?

    A 5 second search turned up quite a few, some of which have no indications of “not working”.

    Hi jonradio,
    thanks for your quick reply! I spend almost 2 days searching in with different search words.

    I don’t really know if it is a link counter, page counter, visitor meter or what I am looking for :-)…

    The difficulty is that the index page should display the “post visits”, and most counters only display the counter on the post it self.


    OK, now I think I understand why you are having trouble. You are trying to get the Hit Count to display in the Post Excerpts that are shown on the home page of your site.

    Unless someone can think of a better idea, I think you’ll have to customize the display of posts on the home page, to add the Hit Count provided by a plugin. Or, do as I have on some sites: write the PHP code to create the Post Excerpts yourself on a WordPress Page that you define as your home page. Including the Hit Count field in your own Post Excerpts.

    that sounds great but I have no idea how to do this 🙂
    Could you take a quick look at my page and give me a hint to the right direction? On the images in the index I would like to display the rating from the page it is linked to… showing the ratings from the different posts…

    In the right corner of each image on the index, it had a “comment counter” which I want to replace with the rating counter.

    No one else seems to have a better idea than what I offered (based on the lack of response over the last week), so I can only say that, to make it work, you will either have to hire a PHP programmer or become one yourself. This is just not functionality that WordPress offers in a point and click way. It requires programming.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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