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  • Hi Guys,

    It didn’t happen when I went to 3.5 but I go to my site today after not going for a few days and BOOM. It looks like it’s not reading CSS or the THEME at all.

    I try to do a preview of other themes and they look exactly the same. BORKED.

    Can any of you whiz kids help?

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  • It is quite certain that its not picking up the CSS files.

    Try shifting to wordpress default theme, and actually activate it and bot just preview.
    And, see if the problem persists?

    .. more like he’s missing the get_header(); portion of his index.php, single.php etc.. or he’s just missing the header.php altogether (or it’s permissions won’t let it be read)

    Can this just happen out of nowhere guys? I hadn’t edited or visted the site in a few days. I’m going to try Ak.Singla’s idea now. I’ll report back.

    So I tried the default theme and others. Same result. So this means it’s not reading any themes or applying them I guess?

    When I go to the edit css link next to the theme it’s blank besides the header comment about what CSS is yadda yadda. When I go to the editor link it does bring up the CSS for that theme though – THAT Music Theme: Stylesheet (style.css)

    I re-installed 3.5 and no luck there. Any thoughts, tick boxes I can check, code I can edit to fix this weirdness?


    Another update. I deactivated all the plugins with a bulk action and still no luck. HELP 🙂

    Ummm… my header file has nothing in it. HOW THE HELL? Ermm… now where do I get the header file code? is it theme specific? or wordpress globally specific>?

    FIXED… no clue how header.php became blank but I went to the theme creator’s website, downloaded a fresh version of the template, cut and pasted the header code into the wordpress editor for header.php and BOOM fixed.

    Thanks for the direction on where to look guys. Hope this helps others who may have this problem.

    Thumbs up for Frumph, he found that out quite earlier.
    Glad that you fixed it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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