[resolved] Visit my site and it tries to download a GZ file (4 posts)

  1. I have no idea what happened here, but if you go to my site on Firefox it's fine. When you go on IE or Chrome, it tries to download either download.gz (Chrome) or ipstenu.gz (IE).

    Individual posts are fine.


    There is NOTHING in the error log, I've tried with and without WP Super Cache. Compression is turned off, and the index page isn't even cached at this point. Bounced Apache and nothing. It's insanely not understandable. One friend is fine 100% (she can see it on every browser) another couldn't see it on Chrome or IE, but now, magically, IE is fine.

    Also one person reported that SOMETIMES when she visits, the CSS vanishes.

    Right now, caching is off and I'm using the default 2010 theme. The other blogs on the same server (it's a VPS) are running perfectly as expected.

    The only recent change I made was to move my site from a sub-folder to the main www root.

  2. Okay ... I'm gonna cry.

    Someone got a GZip cached page, AN HOUR after I had not only turned off, but uninstalled WP Super Cache!

    And then? Magically? 5 minutes later? It's working. I've reverted back to my previous theme and it's still working. If that keeps up all day, I'll go back to wp-super-cache again.

    What crack happened!?

  3. achellios
    Posted 6 years ago #


    Fixed me right up--long story short, try Hyper Cache or W3 Cache instead.

  4. You mean the other post I made? :) Yeah, it's all fine now. And I'm still on WP Super Cache.

    Updated: This happened because I had BOTH gzip on in my htaccess and the plugin. Turned it off in the plugin, everything is good.

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