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  • Hey-ho,

    Trying to test out this plugin to see if it’ll solve all my problems!

    It looks like I need to toggle each field I add to “Visible” to make it appear in the interface (currently, any interface I try to create contains no field data, although the row count etc. is correct).

    Problem: nothing happens when I click these toggles.
    Looking at the console:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: df_setToggle is not defined
    And I try manually – (fieldname = ‘name’)

    ReferenceError: df_setToggle is not defined

    which seems to mean I can’t enable any fields to show in the interface! :S

    Similar issues all over the place:

    e.g. when I try to add a <select> field:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: select_addOption is not defined

    Any ideas?

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  • Update:

    Also spotted this:

    jQuery('body').append('<div id="ui-jsDialog-'+eid+'" title="Loading"><p><img src="C:\~~WORDPRESS_DIR~~\wp-content\plugins\db-toolkit/images/indicator.gif" width="16" height="16" alt="loading" align="absmiddle" /> Loading Form</p></div>');
    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

    Note the confusion between \ and /.

    Test: Is this problem resolved when using an online server as opposed to localhost? Answer: Yes.

    Suggested resolution: Use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR on javascript.php line 122.

    Plugin Author David Cramer


    As mentioned, I’ll be pushing out a major maintenance release soon. Will be sure to look into this.

    Cheers snowman!

    Looks like I’ve got what I need under control now, can’t fault the rest of plugin!

    One question you might be able to answer – I create a list interface and set permission: Public (for a front end view)

    I disabled all the controls for Edit, Delete, View in List Settings (icons disappear from the end of the row)

    However, I can still run:

    dr_deleteItem('dt_interfaceID', 'rowID','');

    myself if I want to. The dialog pops up, but the row isn’t deleted.

    Now I’m not sure whether it’s simply the lack of the delete icon that’s stopping that attack from working, or some deeper logic.

    Basically, can you confirm that Public interfaces keep my database secure? Is there another setting I should click to make sure that interface never allows updates or deletes, or is disabling the List Settings enough?

    Cheers!, A

    I appear to be running into the same problem (buttons won’t toggle and so I can’t make a field viewable on an interface). I also develop/test on a localhost Windows platform using XAMPP (apache/mysql development environment for Windows). Is there a work-around for new users to try, or do we need to wait for an official update/release? FYI, I tried hand-editing the javascript.php code (line 122) mentioned above, but replacing “/”‘s with “.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.” didn’t make things any better for me. I like the idea of this plugin – it’s something I’ve been looking for for a long time as I have several web-based DB apps that I’d like to host on WordPress. I’d also like to develop and test locally before uploading content to an external server. Hopefully, an easy work-around or update will enable me to use this plugin!


    Hey ECHOOooo,

    Similar motivation here! Turns out there’s a few more of these bugs in data_form/javascript.php.

    So look for similar stuff (indicator.gif) around lines:
    122, 196, 240, 288
    (note: this is after I hacked it a bit, so line numbers won’t be exact).

    To be honest, I just commented those lines out, indicator.gif isn’t that important!

    Also I added:
    <?php header('Content-Type: text/javascript'); ?>
    to both data_form/javascript.php and data_report/javascript.php to fix some other errors I saw in the console.

    Now the buttons seem to work for me on localhost!

    Hope that helps,


    I am hoping that someone here can help me with a similar problem.
    For it seems that the forum from DB-Toolkit is down for quite a while.

    I have recently updated my version of WP to 3.5.1 and I also updated the DB-Toolkit plugin to version
    After the update I tested my website on my local server and this my problem:

    In my website I am using DB-Toolkit interface as a list of entries.
    Just above the list there is a set of buttons. Add Item, Filters, Export to PDF etc.
    But now, after the update, it seems that the Add Item button does not work anymore.
    I test this in Chrome, FF, IE8 and Safari and the problem applies to all browsers.

    Because this problem seems similar to what AppSynergy explained I was hoping his tips would help.
    But unfortunately it didn’t.

    Has anybody have some ideas?

    Greetz. RHellem

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