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  • Hi,
    Great plugin, just trying it out now. While it has completed my immediate need to add a new custom role, I have a question I don’t know if is a WP or a plugin question.

    I have a form, and i’ve set my visibility to my new custom role called ‘school owner’. Great. However, if I create another custom roll called ‘school instructor’, and wish also to enable the instructors to view this form, how can I do this? WP seems to only allow a SINGLE roll assignment for ‘visibility’.

    PS. I need the two roles, as later, I the ‘Owner’ will need to see stuff that ‘Instructors’ should not.

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  • Plugin Author Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    Do you have a screenshot of what you’re referring to? There’s nothing in the Members plugin or anything that I can think of offhand that’s labeled “Visibility” (at least related to roles) in WordPress itself. It’s perhaps from another plugin.

    Hi Justin,
    Here’s the screen capture of a form.

    Hey btw, I suspect you already prescribe this, but just wanted to confirm. I already had two plugins called “User Specific Content” and “login redirect” that I believe probably should not operate at same time as your members plugin, am I right?

    I noticed this morning, when I tried to login, that it was behaving oddly, so I deactivated your plugin and it appears to be normal now. I do however, enjoy your plugin to ‘create/delete and otherwise manage’ my roles (and activate when i need to).

    Would you say this a safe strategy (to activate when i need to add/change roles – then deactivate it)?

    Plugin Author Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    The form system is done via another plugin. You’d have to talk to its plugin author about allowing multiple roles on it. There’s nothing Members can do to change how it works.

    The User Specific Content plugin and the “Content Permissions” feature of Members would likely conflict because the two things are essentially the same. So, choose one or the other. You can disable Content Permissions from the Members Settings screen.

    I took a look at the Login Redirect plugin. To me, it looks like it’s not using the correct filter hook in WordPress. It’ll likely be problematic with a number of plugins if not problematic on its own.

    Would you say this a safe strategy (to activate when i need to add/change roles – then deactivate it)?

    That is certainly fine if you only need the role manage aspects.

    However, if you’re running into trouble, it usually means that Members is exposing problems in other plugins, which should be addressed. This is not to say that there’s never bugs with Members, but its code is vetted by dozens of top-notch developers because they use it on everything from basic blogs to enterprise-level sites.

    Cool. Thanks for the honest and earnest reply.

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