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    I’m using Nisarg on two different websites. Both are using WordPress 4.9.2 and Nisarg At one site (, there is a button labeled “visibility” in each widget that allows me to show or hide the widget on a page-by-page basis. At the other site (, there is no visibility button.

    The sites do have different plugins (all of which are updated). The site that has the visibility button in the widgets is using Aksimet, Email address encoder, Jetpack, and Vaultpress. The site without the visibility button is using Loginizer.

    The visibility button is helpful and I’d like to use it at both my sites, so I’m wondering why it only appears at one. Could the differing plugins cause the problem, or is there another cause? Thanks for any help.

    P.S. Operating system is macOS Sierra, browser is Safari 11.0.2.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello, ma’am.
    Could you clarify the location of the button? I don’t see it on the main page.

    I’m using Win 7 x64, browser Google Chrome.

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    The button is not visible on the front end of the website, but appears when I am editing the website (at the dashboard). When I open a widget to edit it, the “Visibility” button appears next to the “Save” button. (I have screen captures of it but I don’t see a way to upload them here.) Thanks.

    You can upload your screenshots wherever you want(image hosting/website/forum with allowed uploading & etc.) next just paste link here.

    Visibility option you mean? It’s option for editors. “visibility” can use for mark page as “private”, so users can’t see the content placed on the page. Also you can protect any page with password.

    (sorry for my bad english, ma’am)

    UPD: I apologize. You’re talking about widgets, but I’m talking about the pages…

    If you use different plugins for one/similar task, may be the best solution to use one plugin?

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    Thanks for your help. As far as I know, none of the plugins are meant to affect widgets. I only mentioned plugins because it is the only difference I can see between the two sites. I’m willing to buy Jetpack for the second site if I need to, but I didn’t want to spend the money if it would not fix the problem. So I thought I’d see if anyone knew of another way to fix it. I wondered if the theme could somehow be different on the two sites. (I have never altered the theme, as far as I know.)

    I uploaded the images. You can see the widgets with the visibility button here:

    And here the button is missing:

    Thanks again.

    Jetpack puts the visibility button on the widgets. There is a free plugin that lets you choose what pages to allow visibility: Maybe not as nice as the jetpack button but it is free.

    Thank you!

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