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  • I’m running WordPress on my localhost machine (Mac OS X v10.3.8) while I tinker with it, and for the most part everything is running splendidly.

    However, when I fire up Virtual PC (Windows XP) and point IE or Firefox to my machine’s IP I get my site without any styles – just text and HTML structure. It’s also the same case for an older copy of WordPress I still have.

    Any ideas? Is this a relative/absolute path issue?

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  • hmm what’s the site, perhaps if someone else views it who isn’t hosting it in IE they might find it displays correctly?

    Unfortunately, right now it’s only on my localhost. That’s where Virtual PC comes into play – a way to test the site on both platforms + mutliple browsers before I make a site live.

    Are there any well-known circumstances under which a stylesheet in WordPress woudln’t get fed to the client? Maybe Virtual PC is triggering one of these scenarios somehow.

    Under your options, change your WordPress path from http://localhost/ to http://your-ip-address. That should work.

    I use VPC also (we Mac people have the unfortunate problem of all our Web browsers are standards-compliant). It does have a bit of a problem properly resolving localhost.

    For people like me who’ve configured Apache to use virtual hosts (to work with multiple domains), it doesn’t seem to work at all.

    Bingo! Thanks fuzzy_logic. Changed my WordPress address under “Options” to be my IP instead of “localhost” and that worked like a charm. Now if only getting IE to display CSS correctly were that easy…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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