• Please see this video

    Its a 14 seconds video which explained my sites issues.
    When i open my sites , it is being redirected to another link.
    Hosting guys says its due to ‘corrupt .htaccess file and SQL injections etc.’
    Hosting is namecheap.
    This has been happening with all of my websites again and again in last month. I have 15 sites and this issue has happened with my sites many times.
    I ran scanner many times, read reports and cleared my cpanel many times, one by one.. But still i don’t know how the hell this issue is happening ?
    Every time I have to come to hosting support and they do something like disbale htacess file or restore default file and they fix one site,. And meanwhile fixing this , another site breaks down.
    SO My question is
    Can your plugin stop this ?
    Stop these issues or stop breaking my sites again and again ???

    Please reply me with your expertise and advice

    Thank you!!!

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  • carmpocalypse



    The Sucuri plugin has some hardening features that can prevent PHP scripts running in some of the folders in the WordPress directory. Also, it can notify you when core WordPress files have been modified.

    However, if this keeps recurring after you are completely wiping your cPanel, database, and reinstalling everything, then I would assume the issue is your theme and/or a plugin(s) that you use that may have vulnerabilities in them.

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