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  • Best to try disabling all your plugins and seeing if the alert still shows up. If not you can then narrow it down to one plugin.

    Hey, I whittled it down to this anti virus plugin


    it just keeps saying and emailing me this ‘Suspicion on a virus: The daily antivirus scan of your blog suggests alarm.’

    these are the results

    after a manual scan these are the red results – which it sasy means danger from /themes/my-wordpress-source/my/scripts/timthumb.php

    I whitlelisted this file with my host the other day the rest ar e in green so they are ok

    please help – what do you think ? thanks


    Check with this plugin:


    Shane G.


    The antivirus plugin is probably picking up some bad coding in your template. Disable that template and revert back to the default one. Then run the antivirus plugin from the admin panel while the default theme is enabled. Most likely it won’t set off the bells and whistles again.

    While you’re testing themes, install and run the TAC plugin, (theme authenticator). If the theme has any encrypted codes it should pick it up. A great plugin, in my opinion.

    From what I understand, the timthumb.php file enables text to be hidden within an image, so it could be encrypted code within an image in the theme. I had downloaded a theme that also had a timthumb.php file, and discovered it added an image into my uploads folder. Didn’t feel comfortable with the timthumb thing so I deleted that theme.

    no dont think so the template is new – I bought it and my host whitleisted the tim thumb php file so its the plugin itself

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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