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  • What I want to do:

    Create a page that has more than 100 sub pages. I don’t want to create all this sub pages using wp-admin by hand.

    If the page that has all the children is located in
    all requests like
    should be handled in the special template that is assigned to ‘mypage’. This template loads the contents from a non-wp database table.

    So far I can only handle using $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]. If I use mod_rewrite like
    RewriteRule ^mypage/([\w,=;\-]+)$ mypage/?sub=$1
    I still get a 404. I think this is because mod_rewrite doesn’t modify $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]. So wp still gets a request like ‘’ and serves only a 404 page. (I dumped $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] on my 404 page)

    I had a quick look at rewrite.php (add_rewrite_rule) but I’m not sure how to use it and if it’s the right thing to use.

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