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  • Azurite


    Hi there,
    I’m here mainly because my host has told me they can’t help me further with my issue.

    I have a domain, that I would like to run WordPress on, so that when people visit (just that, no other directories or subdomains), they see the WordPress site I want to create.

    I already have several other WP blogs installed in the following places:

    The “directory” that actually exists and holds all the WordPress files is “indigo,” while all the others are symlinks.

    I asked my host to create a new symlink for to get the WordPress files from the indigo directory, but what it did was break ALL my other subdomains/directory sites, so if someone visited, say, it wouldn’t work: it would look like the main WordPress install, but with a 404 error.

    I thought this might be because of the Pretty Permalinks, but I tried using ALL of them, and they all resulted in a 404; my host said it’s because the way WordPress wants to load my blog and the way the permalinks work, it looks for and other sites (WordPress or not) INSIDE the indigo directory, where obviously they don’t exist.

    They scrapped the original .htaccess file and made a backup, and so now I’m back to Square One:

    1 – Anyone visiting or sees the WordPress install screen, instead of the already-installed sites.
    2 – Anyone visiting gets redirected to the indigo’s WP install screen
    3 – works, for some reason, even though again, it’s just a symlink, not an actual directory. So it’s not like I have a special .htaccess file in there that is overriding the one in the indigo or atw “directories” — they’re all the same. It may be overriding the one in the site root (my public_html folder), though.

    What can I do to get all my sites working properly? I want four WordPress blogs, and all of them presently have a database made with content in it:
    1 –, which has been around for a while
    2 –, which only has a theme and some minor content set, otherwise nothing
    3 –, which is working just fine and I want it to stay that way
    4 –, which has nothing except a theme and some links.

    Your help understanding all this would be much appreciated!

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  • Abhishek Ghosh


    Probably he / she did some typo in path. Otherwise your logic was right. Ultimately you are suffering.

    Anyone visiting or sees the WordPress install screen, instead of the already-installed sites.

    Do not give url pin pointedly in this way, anyone can increase your trouble by installing WP with a cloud database. Make install.php inaccessible via .htaccess allow deny rule or rename the files for now.

    The major problem is, the setup was with symlink. You seem to have root access, you can do anything yourself too, I guess.

    Second point is the way to solve.

    What you will do is – use some hourly charged unmanaged cloud server (like Rackspace or HP cloud) with full root access. You have to use the MySQL backup through PHPMyAdmin and FTP backup to restore your self and play with symlinks to bring back the setup.
    It is up to you, whether you will migrate forever or use to check the proper setup steps. Rackspace will work with IP only. There is no need for dns propagation to test. Managed Rackspace will cost you high, so I am not pointing towards it.

    From your way of writing, I am taking that you are either used with command line / SSH or can learn by following tutorials.

    You are unlucky if the person has wrongly deleted something.



    Thanks for the tip about renaming the install file; I did that and now no one but me should have access.

    I don’t have the ability to set symlinks up myself; I’m on a shared server and so I had to ask my host to do it for me. I’ve had no problems in the past when I’ve asked to set up symlinks for my subdomains, but when I tried to have a symlink for my MAIN domain, things went awry.

    I’m trying to get them to put the symlinks back the way they were, and now all of a sudden my host is saying that this is “outside their scope of support,” and they have to forward me to code/scripting support, which may charge me for the help.

    Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Abhishek Ghosh


    I’m on a shared server and so I had to ask my host to do it for me. I’ve had no problems in the past when I’ve asked to set up symlinks for my subdomains, but when I tried to have a symlink for my MAIN domain, things went awry.

    For shared it might be difficult to setup for them. It is not impossible but painful. I thought it is a managed virtual dedicated. The basic unix syntax is :

    ln -s original_file myfile

    You have to draw diagram in paper to make the logics in real to make a easy flow chart of which was pointing where.

    Then you can try to use through .htaccess rules, a good resource :

    You have to basically override, only if you can implement override :

    and lastly, this might be helpful :



    My host did get back to me, saying that the Virtual Multiblog “does not detect the wp-config file,” though I think he’s referring to the individual blogs’ mb-config-VUSER.php files. I’ve verified they’re all there in the right place and that they have the right naming schema, but only one of the blogs is working.

    I’ve verified the table prefixes in PHP My Admin and matched them against what I put in each mb-config-VUSER.php file.

    I’m not sure how the Virtual Multiblog system could see the config file for one site (chixflix) and not the others (atw, indigo), when it calls for the mb-autoconfig.php (basically wp-config.php from the original WordPress install with a new name) first, THEN the individual blog’s config, where the only difference is a line for specifying the table prefix (everything else is commented out).



    I’m not sure why this got marked as resolved, because it’s not.

    My host’s support responded with this: “The issue IS the redirect, but the fact that chixflix works and nothing else does makes no sense. I’ve compared the mb-config files and they’re all the same.”

    I turned on diagnostics for Virtual Multiblog in the wp-config.php file and checked the error_log file in my indigo directory (where WordPress and VMB are actually installed), but I couldn’t find anything useful. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    I already tried contacting the Virtual Multiblog developer (and he’s been on the forums here before), but I haven’t heard anything, and VMB doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2009. I’m considering switching to the official WordPress Multisite, but I’m not sure if it’ll do the same thing/be easy to switch…anyone know?

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