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  • dominiksz


    After redirecting the payment to the vipps app, I get an error. Vipps cannot process the payment.

    In logs a there is only information:
    2021-10-18T06:34:38+00:00 ERROR Feilmelding and callback fra Vipps for bestilling User has cancelled or not acted upon the payment
    What can cause this problem?

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  • Plugin Author iverok


    This error “cannot process payment” – does this occur in the Vipps App itself? It is not part of the Woo plugin. You will need to check with Vipps for this. I would also suggest testing with another Vipps account if you can.

    The error message in the log just means that the payment wasn’t successful, typically this is caused by the user aborting the payment or just never completing it. But in general, it means that the order must be cancelled due to no payment.

    Thread Starter dominiksz


    This error appears on different vipps accounts. It appears at the stage when we click “pay” after redirecting to the vipps landing page.

    Can such error be caused by plugins like “wordfence”, or “booster for woocommerce”, or do you think that plugins are not the problem here?

    Thanks for your help, I will also ask vipps what can cause this situation.

    Plugin Author iverok


    If it is on the Vipps landing page, or in the Vipps app itself, it cannot be caused by anything in WordPress or WooCommerce.

    The only exception to this is if you are using Express Checkout and there are no valid shipping options for the users’ address – in this case, you will get an error in the Vipps app stating that there is a problem with shipping. The exact error message matters.

    If shipping *is* involved, it *can* be caused by a web application firewall in the case where shipping callbacks are blocked. If they are not blocked, you should see entries like “POST /wc-api/vipps_shipping_details?tk=” in your web server logs. If you are using Express Checkout and these fail, the payment will fail too.

    You should also check your fatal-errors or system error log. If your Woo store crashes in the shipping-callback call, Express Checkout will fail.

    Not all shipping methods can be supported by Express Checkout, so if all your options are like this, you may have shipping options in the regular checkout that are missing in Express. This will typically be methods where you have to provide additional info such as pickup location – there is no way to support this in the app.

    If your message does not mention shipping, or happens on the regular checkout screen as opposed to Express checkout, it is not related to WordPress at all, or any other plugin.

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