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  • Anyone also running WeatherIcon and notices your pages are broken? I tried to go to the author’s plugin page but I get a 404 and the main page is a blank.

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  • Mine is working fine on 2 differing sites. His site being up or down has nothing to do with the plugin.

    That’s what I thought but with the plugin activated, my page stops loading right after the WeatherIcon in my sidebar. And of course I can’t download the latest version since the site is down.

    2 different versions working fine various places…. go through your WI code and make sure you don’t have anything trying to load from his site?

    The site is finally back up and I was able to download the latest version and now everything works.

    I’m running Version 2.99.122. Is this the latest? I’m having problems getting the icon to appear.

    I found Version 2.99.123 of WeatherIcon at, at least the files the developer saw fit to modify or add. I can at least use the “Tango” icons that have been included. Still no clue, though, as to why the Beel’s and PHPweather icons won’t appear.

    Problem resolved. I had to expand permissions for the other .ipk icon files included with WeatherIcon and now they appear in my sidebar.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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