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Violation of the .org repository regulations (9 posts)

  1. ussvisioninc
    Posted 1 year ago #

    This plugin shouldn't be on the WordPress repository. It should be featured on Envato or somewhere, and the authors should SEO their product to increase sales.

    But you can't use the repository for promo-only purposes. There has to be a working plugin and from there, you can promote the premium/pro version.

    Downloading the plugin from the repository alone does nothing; as I stated, there has to be a working plugin. And there is misleading advertising at that -- sign up for wpextreme and download the clearfix, and upgrade to the pro version if you like what you see.

    Well, I signed up for wpextreme and there is no free clearfix there -- only the $15 version. It says on the website the free version is only for loyal customers who believed in you prior to this.

    For these reasons, I feel this plugin should be promoted elsewhere on a marketpace, but not the WordPress repository.

  2. This plugin shouldn't be on the WordPress repository.

    Why not? Does this version work or not?

  3. HA! It comes with a contrary to the GPL license! That'll leave a mark.


  4. ussvisioninc
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I didn't find anything about it that functioned properly -- as the way it was described on the page.

    I just thought that yeah, you could promote your premium plugins on the repository, so as long as you were offering a legitimate plugin to begin with, a "lesser" version of the premium plugin.

    But if you test it out on a dummy site, they stand by their word on the website they link you to; there's nothing free anymore, unless you were a loyal customer who's been there from the start.

    That's why I don't think it belongs on the repository. I have no issues if someone wants to create a plugin and make money off their work. But I thought that's not what the .org plugin repository was for.

  5. Actually re-reading that LICENSE.md file it may not be a GPL issue. It may be but I think I'll ask other people to double check.

    I didn't find anything about it that functioned properly -- as the way it was described on the page.

    I guess my main concern is just this question: do the features listed on the plugin page describe the version of the plugin that's in the repo? If it does and that version here is not crippled in anyway then it should be fine.

    Promoting or up selling plugins in the plugin repo generally is acceptable. Posting non-working versions here to attract sales is not. Looking at the plugin for all of 20 minutes (then running like a crazy person to the train) on my test installation I can't tell one way or the other.

    Hopefully the plugin author will chime in. ;)

  6. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I've just installed the plugin on one of my test sites and it does seem to work but some features may be limited or simply not work. For example, it claims to be able to locate "orphaned" (unattached) media files yet failed to pick up 2 such files on my system. But it does appear to (for example) remove auto-saved Post revisions.

  7. I'm having the same experience too. For example I'm having trouble with the "Extends HTML Editor: fontname, size, color, extra tags" but it's my test installation and it may just be something I'm doing wrong.

    I think the plugin works but with some issues. Which means it does belong in the repo and as far as I can tell is fine. ;)

  8. ussvisioninc
    Posted 1 year ago #

    IDK about the GPL license, Jan ... I realize many people promote premium plugins or upsell, and I don't have any issues with that -- as long as the plugin they put in the repository is legitimate and at least a shell of the premium plugin they're marketing.

    And Esmi, check your database after it says it cleaned them up -- IF it says it cleaned them up. I have an empty domain with a vanilla install of WordPress with just a few posts and it says it caught orphan tags or whatever, but when I went to clean 'em up the plugin did nothing. It didn't clean anything up on any of the domains I tested it on. Frankly, I couldn't find anything with the version that's up now that worked properly.

    But then I went to the author's website and looked around, and they make it quite clear that "old, trusted people who stuck with 'em since the beginning" (paraphrasing) would continue to have the privileges of the free plugin, but that new users would have to shell out the cash. There is no free Clean Fix plugin, which is now essentially a "child plugin" to the author's WPExtreme plugin.

  9. esmi
    Forum Moderator
    Posted 1 year ago #

    And Esmi, check your database after it says it cleaned them up.

    I deliberately "created" a couple of auto-revisions to see if the plugin would locate and remove them. From what I can see, it did.

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