Support » Theme: Graphene » violation of accessibility standards as regards link styling

  • With your default styling, “a” elements are not underlined and are just a slightly different color than the normal text (rgb(120, 61, 152) vs rgb(74, 71, 75)).

    This is non-compliant with accessibility guidelines which require that links be underlined by preference, and if not, then at a minimum “have a 3:1 contrast ratio from the surrounding non-link text.” and “The link must present a ‘non-color designator’ (typically the introduction of the underline) on both mouse hover and keyboard focus.” Source:

    The contrast ratio is 1.27:1 — far less than the requirement — and even though I have normal vision, I have trouble spotting links on the page, and there is a slight color change on hover, but no “non-color designator.”

    Your free version, which is what I have, has no option to adjust these, except by writing one’s own CSS rules, which not every website owner has the skills to do.

    I believe your theme should be accessibility-compliant out of the box. Please correct this.

    Also, I’ve tried to use your support forum on your website and it appears it is not being monitored as there are no recent replies to issues people post. Please either start responding to issues there, or stop letting people post there and instead direct them here or wherever you do support.

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