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  • After about three days of tweaking, and revamping a theme with some of my custom images, and so forth… I give you’s new look. 😀

    (Please Note: NSFW.. Content contains swear words!)

    What do you all think? I was running the Headspace theme for the longest time, figured after 2 years of staring at that dang thing, it was time for a change up! :);)

    I still have some things to iron out yet, for example, it gives a tiny scroll at bottom of Firefox browser, when clicking on the search submit button. And a few other things…

    I might even make up darker images for the site, and use the Grey version on my site. I’ll have to do up a credits page then, and add the necessary informations to that then as well.

    Any, and all comments welcome of course.. ;):)

    /I edited it quick, to post the note on the “NSFW” because of content material…

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  • Before showing this off, I should have checked the validation of the site lmao! [Slaps self].. I forgot all about checking validation on the site after uploading and running it live.. now I feel bad…

    I was always telling others here, to do that, then I didn’t even do it.. Oh well.. things happen! I’m going to try working out these errors in a little bit here.. so.. 😉

    Dang! NO replies on it.. Hmm, I guess it’s nothing special to anyone else out there… Just for me it is, cause after 2 years of the same crappy Headspace theme, it’s a big difference and change! 😉 Anyway.. I’m off to try and fix these crap validation errors.. tata ..

    /Thinks: They probably only expected the “most awesomeness” from me, that’s why no one commented on it.. they just knew I would do it, and I did it.. so, they don’t feel they need to comment on it.. they know where i stand …

    The “look” is infinitely better. I never did like headspace, anywhere I’ve encountered it….

    Nice clean layout. No content reviews, y’know!

    Thanks Vicki!! 🙂 Yeah, that Headspace theme was a pain in the arse, not too mention a HeadACHE theme.. As for the validation errors.. I think I got her all good now! WHEE!! =D

    I still got to work on the search button though, something just isn’t right. When hitting the search button, it gives a tiny scroll bar action in the bottom of the FireFox browser ONLY. It only gives scroll bar action when pressing down on the button, it don’t do it if you just hover mouse over it and stuff.. =/

    It don’t happen in IE6 and Opera.. Maybe it’s the “styling”, padding, something. Just not sure.. I had this old girl working perfectly before, because I basically made those images waay back when…I had that imagery layout in mind for many months.. Just finally went to use it now… I can’t remember what I did last time.. sigh..

    I’ll have to work on it some more on the localhost. Thanks again for your thoughts.. 🙂 Yeah, I know the content doesn’t get a review lol! I wouldn’t want that anyway lmao!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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