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  • hi everyone,

    i’m using WordPress 2.7 hosted on my server –

    i know many people read the blog via RSS through Google Reader or something similar. my problem is that neither Vimeo nor Youtube videos are appearing when viewed via RSS feed. all other media (type, images, etc.) show up perfectly.

    it looks like WordPress is removing the <embed> tag when it creates the RSS feed. at least, that’s the only difference i’ve noticed.

    anyone have a solution to this issue?

    thanks in advance.

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  • farinha


    Hey there.

    I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve noticed that WordPress eliminates the <embed> tag and its contents when I publish a post, and so Youtube videos aren’t showing up on my feed reader.

    I can see Youtube videos on my feed reader (Google Reader, btw) from other blogs that also use wordpress, so there must be a way to turn this “feature” off. I know it’s not XHTML compliant, but I really want the videos to show up on feed readers…


    having the same problem… love to hear if someone’s got this figured out… TIA

    I’m now using this Smart Youtube plugin

    It does the trick for Youtube videos (it even centers them).

    But I would prefer a more generic solution…

    I’ve the same problem. Does anybode have a solution to this, without using a plugin?

    It’s impossible because many RSS softwares can’t display flash content into RSS feeds.

    I have a Also Same Problem…
    Please help me for solve my Problem..

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    Yep — same problem. Though for some reason I got one Vimeo video to show up on Google Reader — but not others. Youtube seems to work with Smart Tube for RSS but wish sure there was a consistent work around for Vimeo.

    @ Farinha — not sure what you mean about Smart Tube centering videos?? Thats pretty much a rhetorical question so I’m not trying to sabotage this thread.

    looking for a solution too,

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    I’m having the same issue. When i use feedburner, my videos show up so the problem is not there. Also, I’ve use feedvalidator and they say the problem is with the element containing an action script. All I want to do is include a vimeo video in our post and have it show up in Google Reader. This works fine for TechCrunch and other blogs. Anyone know how they’re getting it to work?

    I’m also having this issue. Other sites’ videos show up without a problem. Mine aren’t showing up at all. Anyone have a fix?

    I’m having the same issue. Has anyone found a solutions yet?

    I’m unable to get any media, YouTube, or even images to display in my RSS feed. This is driving me insane!

    Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated…

    I’m using the plugin call TubePress. It feed a video as a post or if you want to show Youtube at the sidebar you can try Google AJAX Search API


    I am having the same problem. I use the anarchy media player plugin. The reason why I am using this is because it allows my users to post audio files for podcast and, if they want, post youtube videos. When you go to Google Reader…the audio files show up using Google’s embedded player, but the videos do not show.

    Any ideas on how to use 1 plugin that does both audio (with player) or videos?


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