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  1. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm using "Teardrop" theme...I've pasted a vimeo video url into the shortcode on a "post" and it comes up as the "Sorry, his video does not exist" error. The video does indeed exist

    Can anyone see what I did wrong? The designer of the Teardrop theme is of no help...

  2. It's not the theme (probably), it's a problem that's coming up more and more.

    Vimeo is apparently switching to https and it looks like embedding is acting up as a result.

    Try this URL instead without the SSL bit.


  3. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Yes, I tried that...not working :(

  4. HA! The Google is my friend! A similar issue with Vimeo was in trac 8 months ago.

    Easy fix via a plugin, the https just has to be added to the providers.

    Take a look at this link in trac.


    See line 12 that reads

    $providers['#http://(www\.)?vimeo\.com/.*#i'] = array( 'http://vimeo.com/api/oembed.{format}', true  );

    Change that to read the same but #http: becomes #https: like so

    $providers['#https://(www\.)?vimeo\.com/.*#i'] = array( 'http://vimeo.com/api/oembed.{format}', true  );

    The original file can be downloaded from this link.


    I'm not somewhere I can post to pastebin.com but late tonight I'll post a link with the small edit.

    I've tested it on my crash test dummy and the https version now works too.

  5. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks :) But I have no idea where to change this code...in the editor? Do you know which .php file? I'm a WP newbie.

  6. Think of this as a chance to get your feet wet. ;)

    Visit this pastebin.com link.


    You can download a copy of that in text format here.


    Save that to a file called fix-vimeo-https.php.

    Now using FTP or whatever file management upload that file to your WordPress wp-content/plugins directory.

    Once that's done, visit your WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin called Hotfix vimeo oembed and your https Vimeo embeds should now work.

  7. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    First of all, I want to say Thanks again for helping out. You've been so kind to go through the trouble...(the theme designer has been an elusive douche throughout this ordeal).

    I successfully installed the plugin, but it still shows as "video does not exist"

    I wonder what gives..? I was able to post a vimeo video to the theme's portfolio , but the client wants to be able to post videos that just show up on his blog page.

  8. I successfully installed the plugin, but it still shows as "video does not exist"

    Inserting Vimeo that wat uses oEmbed so it's (probably) not a theme issue.

    That video embeds fine for me https://vimeo.com/43689600 when I just pasted the URL into my post (after I activated that plugin).

    - Try switching your theme to Twenty Eleven.

    - Edit and re-save your post

    If that doesn't work, then it maybe a typo in the plugin. I've made a temporary zip file to make sure it's all apples to apples.

    - Delete the copy of that file fix-vimeo-https.php and download this zip file to your PC/Mac.


    That zip file is just the directory and the one PHP file. After you've deleted the old copy you can use your WordPress dashboard to install that zip file.


    See if that does it for you, it should add https://vimeo.com to the list of oEmbed providers.

  9. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi, I just installed it again....still doesn't work..whaaaa

  10. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Okay - I got it to show the video!!! I tried the Viper's Video Quicktags plugin. I had to remove the "s" in https, and voila!


    Thanks so much for taking the time!!!


  11. Huh. Viper's Video Quicktags should have been my first reply! It's a great plugin. ;)

  12. pdoss
    Posted 4 years ago #

    lol :)

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