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  • Hi guys,

    I am using the plugin in a new project and we needed to have a Vimeo remote library.

    Until recently, this has worked flawlessly, but today the Vimeo embeds failed.

    I narrowed this down to the fact that Vimeo videos were fetched and embedded with the http protocol. I have modified the link in the embed shortcode to https and it all went fine from there. Since I can’t expect the users to do that all the time, I also made some edits in the plugin files, to be more specific in:


    lines 18, 19 from:

    'base_url' => '{scheme}://{version}/',
     'scheme' => 'http',


    'base_url' => '{version}/',
     'scheme' => 'https',

    This fixed my problem – until the next update… I am not sure it’s the best fix, so I am bringing this to your attention in case there are more reports like this. Maybe you can issue a hotfix?

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  • An update: it seems the Vimeo embeds continue to fail randomly even with https:// . Any ideas why this is happening?

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