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  • I’ve been searching around for a solution to this issue both on vimeo and wordpress sites, but haven’t been able to figure anything out.

    If this issue has been resolved, sorry for the re-post.

    Here goes..

    I had been using the new vimeo iframe embed code to embed videos and it was working on iphones and ipads just fine. Then came issues with wordpress removing that embed code from my posts/pages when I went back to edit them.

    Because of that I switched to a shortcode (found here that looks something like this: [vimeo 240975].

    Switching to that shortcode fixed the issue with wordpress removing the vimeo embed from the post/page. But now the videos do not appear when using an iphone/ipad.

    I’ve seen solutions for this where a plugin can be used to stop wordpress from removing the iframe embed code from posts/pages, but I was wondering if there is a solution that doesn’t involve a plugin.

    Any help is much appreciated.


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