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  1. GoodUtopian
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am having two problems with Vigilance that I think are related.

    I have customized almost everything the way I want to for this simple site, here:

    I wanted to further customize the post meta links, which are still using the theme's default color scheme instead of the .link and .hover font colors I've specified in my child style sheet.

    I thought that if I enabled Custom Colors, it would do the trick. Instead, the entire background color of the site changed (background color is not one of the options on the customize color Theme Option menu). I cannot figure out how to remove the custom color except by reverting to the Default theme colors (which have been overridden by my style sheet, except in the case of the post meta tag).

    I'm new to CSS and PHP so still learning my way around. Any help for the following would be appreciated:

    -- Where might I look to change the default background color (other than the style sheet, where I have controlled all of the color tags)

    -- Where can I change the post meta style (other than the style sheet, where the styles I have chosen are being overwritten)

    Thank you!

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