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  • I am running WordPress on OS X 10.6 Server (Snow Leopard) and I cannot seem to figure out where it’s putting the content I create.

    All of this is local, on a computer I’m sitting in front of.

    I can connect to WP admin and log in. I can pick themes and show pages. But when I ask it to show me a preview, or anything like that, I get the Mac’s default placeholder web page.

    I don’t care to run any other web sites on this machine. Just WordPress.

    The paths of interest are:


    this contains all the WordPress file, loose. It also contains a file called phpinfo.php.

    If I type http://localhost/phpinfo.php it brings up the PHP data page.

    The Documents folder also contains an index.php file, which is unmodified.

    If I point my browser at http://localhost/wp-login.php it presents me with a customized login page, but after logging in it goes to:

    http://localhost/Documents/wp-login.php but this screen says object not found. This files does exist in Documents.

    I’ve tried enough things I may have messed up a config file. Can anyone help?

    Also, what should I set the OS X Server Web Server settings to? I.e. what host name, etc?


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  • I take it your document root folder is Library/WebServer/Documents?

    Can you try to check phpMyAdmin under your options table, see what’s your home and site url? If http://localhost/Documents change it to just http://localhost.

    I have a number of pages on my .com WP site, but when I want to view the pages I get a message saying the page cannot be found. Any ideas as to what the problem is and how to correct it.

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