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    I did a search on google for this but the things i found didn’t really help me. my website is at running wordpress 3.0.1 reflection theme with the yapb plugin. If i am on my own network i can view my page and pictures just fine. but when i connected to my neighbors network and tried to view it the page loads but not the images, i also had one of my friends that lives in florida try to view it and she got the same thing. was hoping that someone could help me… if you need any more information or find anything out please let me know.

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  • I can’t even load the website… 🙂


    Your WordPress’ installation URL is set to Change it to your website’s url and it should work fine.

    yea i guess that would be part of the problem…
    ok so a little more information i have wordpress installed on my desktop running ubuntu 10.10, and am using for the . i do most of my editing from my laptop and on the same network as my desktop. When i am connected to my network i can see everything just fine, but then i connect to my neighbors network (or if anyone outside the network tries) in the browser i use to do all my editing on wordpress everything shows up fine (well last night the images weren’t showing up but today it is working just fine), but if i open a different browser nothing really works so i think it has something to do with cookies and all that for the reason why it shows up in one browser but not the other.
    here is what the page should look like
    This is how it shows up outside my network

    Err, you need to set the installation URL to There is also a blog URL which is different from installation URL. Check your WordPress settings.

    Try changeing your images links from your website files from plain “/images/background.png” for example, to “”.

    ok so i set the wordpress url to and when i click apply i get an error page that says the requested url /wp-login.php was not found on this server and now i can’t get back into my wordpress admin page to change the setting back to how i had it…

    Accessing gives a 404. Have you uploaded the files properly?

    if i put all my files in the root directory will this fix the problem? right now i have my index.php in /var/www/index.php and the rest of my files in /var/www/wordpress/… and in the index.php i changed the

    Yes, transfer all yours files to /var/www/.

    And revert your index.php back to how it was.


    You’re not supposed to edit this file.

    ok so i moved everything back into /var/www and i changed the index.php back, i was able to get back into my wp-admin and i got the wordpress address and the site address both set to i think the page is loading with the theme outside of my network now but im still not getting images to show?

    Only 2 images are being sent. You need to add images for them to show.

    also dunno if this helps solve the problem or not but now when i go to post>new post for the yapb image i click choose file, pick the file i want and put in a title for the post, then i click publish, it loads for a few seconds then a blank page comes up that says nothing more than Error: File does not exists!

    but if i go back to my posts it shows that it posted and there is a thumbnail image of the image i selected…

    I haven’t changed any of my media settings, uploads are still going to wp-content/uploads, full url path to files is still blank and the box is checked for organizing uploads by month- and year- based folders….

    Ive tried just usting the yapb image uploader in post then publishing the post… but the image doesn’t show up. so i thought maybe if i went to media>add new and uploaded the images i wanted in my post thru the wp-uploader it would work, then once i uploaded the images i tried to attach them to the post they were associated with…. but its still not working… can anyone help me or point me to where i can get this resolved?

    ok i think i got the problem fixed… turns out that a lot of the problem was with the theme i was using, i changed the theme and now it seems my pictures are showing up just fine… thanks for everyones help especially Pranav Rastogi

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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