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  • So I’m building an image gallery here:
    using this gallery widget:

    (i want to be able to upload images and them just be viewable without posting anything and there doesn’t seem to be a way to simply view all the attachments on one page. this widget was the only thing that i could find to handle it.)

    everything was going along swimmingly until I logged out and realized that you can’t view any of the attachments once you are logged out.

    i noticed that if the attachment is inserted into a post that it then can be viewed in this way.

    – one that is attached to a post first:
    – one that isn’t attached to a post:

    so i am assuming that there is just some permission or something that is being changed in the database? anyway to turn that off so that any unpublished attachment is viewable?


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  • is this just the ‘post status’ column in the database being switched to ‘publish’? is there anyway to not have to manually publish every attachment?

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