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    Well I have done something I have everything but my blog wont display, When I click view site blank screen.

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    Go here, http://myfamily-friends.com/blog/wp-admin, sign-in, go to Options and check your blog address.

    I did that and everything is ok there




    We are not mind readers, so since you cannot say what you have done..

    1. Make sure you have the default theme installed. If you do, change your presentation settings so that IT is the one being displayed.

    That doesnt work?

    2. Disable all your plugins.

    Cant disable them all?

    Use your ftp client.

    Go in and delete any plugins you cant seem to disable.

    Another cheat via FTP is to simply rename the plugins directory (so WP can’t find it). If that brings your site back, there is a plugin stinking up the pond. You’ll then have to restore the plugin directory (by naming it back to “plugins”) and then go into the dashboard and activate your plugins ONE AT A TIME, checking your site after each one. The one that causes it to go blank is the problem. Delete that one (or just deactivate it) and all should be fine.

    And sometimes, it is not a plugin, per se, that is causing the problem, but a combination of plugins, two plugins that don’t play nice with each other. Where one or the other of them alone are fine. So sometimes it can be tricky to hunt down the exact problem. Good luck.

    I have no themes I have no plugins and when I click on view site I get a blank screen and I dont know how to upload either.

    URL please.

    And… No plugins, no themes? WP ships with two themes and two plugins. So unless you went into those directories and deliberately deleted everything there…

    Is WP even installed?

    And it darn well better be a clickable URL!

    wp is installed and I can read the comments but the site will not display


    Sorry I didnt see that request
    Joni I guess you have abandon me or you are busy
    send me an email : put4197@yahoo.com and we can communicate better. Thanks




    If WP is installed, you better have a theme, or that explains your problem.

    Well I dont at least it says I dont




    then like I said .. that explains your problem

    Use an ftp client, and upload a theme.

    Even more: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes#Using_Themes

    OK Thanks but I am not sure I know how.




    thats what the links are for. Not knowing how doesnt mean you cannot learn.

    I dont know how to iceskate, but if I wanted to be an Olympic Iceskater, I would need to learn. Thats the breaks.

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