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  • Hello all 🙂

    I have this thing i want to build using wordpress

    It’s quite simple (at least when i imagine it)

    I like to have this (mini) site which contains 3 sections (in 3 different area/box/table)

    The first section is the list of Categories, starting from All Categories (which will display all the posts disregard their category) and other category ( in pictures i put it as Category 1 – etc)

    If the user clicks, let’s say a category or all categories, the second box/table/column will display the list of posts in that category
    The list will be tittle only (no excerpt, meta(s) or whatsoever)

    And if the user clicks one of the post title, that post will be displayed in 3rd box/table/column

    Please refers to this image for visual aid

    None of these use dropout, hover or such ‘fancy’ effects. Just simply plain ‘link’

    So far i made it this far (please open
    On that website, i have this three column layout, consist of :
    2 sidebars and 1 content page (1 sidebar is still invisible since i haven’t put any widget at all)

    On the 1st sidebar i have this widget that list my categories
    and that connect to second column (so far it’s the content column but i think this should/can move), which is a page that list all my articles

    Now this is where i got stuck…….
    I like to view my article (post) in another seperate column…so when the user click any title/link on the second column, it will be displayed on the 3rd column (again please see the image for visual aid)

    So, my question is..How to do it, is there any plugin for this (since the 3rd colum in also side bar so i can put widget there), or is there any other method?

    I hope i make myself quite clear, and please excuse my lousy English.

    Anyway, thank you very very much for reading this

    Best regards,


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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