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  • I could swear that the dashboard used to display posts that were pending review. Other uses on the blog could submit posts and if they didn’t have the proper privileges, the admins/editors would be able to see a list of them. Similar to the list of drafts and recent comments.

    Did I imagine this or is it gone? Can I get it back?

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    It’s still there as far as I know. Are you using any form of role management plugin?


    No I am not using any role management plugin.

    Anyone else know anything about this?

    I’m wondering about this, too. I’m just sure it used to be there! Right now, the only way I can see that there are posts pending review from Contributors is to go to “Posts” — no notification, and not on the dashboard. There’s gotta be a setting or plugin for this — I’m off to find it. 🙂

    I really don’t want to get a plugin for it since it used to show them in my dashboard (again, unless I dreamt it).

    So, does anyone recall this functionality? Notifications from other authors/contributors about posts that have been submitted for review and are pending?


    This isn’t the exact same problem that charlieholder posted, but similar enough that I decided to post it here.

    When a lower level user (contributer) enters a post and saves it as a draft, I’d like for a blog admin to receive an email alert so that he can check the saved draft and publish it.

    Is there a functionality or a plugin that would let me do that?

    Thank you

    It’s not similar. It is pretty much exactly the same. I want notification of a lower level user having submitted a post for review. I can’t believe it’s not built in.

    I wish someone from WP could comment on this or point me in a direction. I’m still hopeful of some kind of help without resorting to a plugin or core hacking.



    Like charlieholder, I could have sworn that when a contributor clicked “Submit for Review” the admin received an email alert, and admin Dashboard displayed the post as Pending. But checking back through the few email alerts I saved from early tests it appears this happens for Comments, but not for Posts.

    Like charlieholder, I can’t believe this isn’t built in. Like charlieholder, I wish someone from the WP core would confirm whether this is a design feature or not.

    Searching the forums I found these two posts, from 6 and 8 months ago respectively, describing alterations to the database – none of which I’m eager to make as there’s no way of knowing what it might do to future upgrades. Both posts have been marked as “resolved”, which strikes me as a bit – well – premature!

    Searching trac I found Ticket #6290, ‘Show “Pending Review” posts prominently on the Dashboard’, opened 18 months ago by markjaquith, which says:

    “Pending comments” get their nice little comment bubble, but pending posts are more important than pending comments. I’m thinking pending posts need their own line (if present, naturally) in the “Right Now” div. Patch coming.

    The version No. is 2.5 and the status is ‘fixed’, which I assumed meant that this function was added to v2.5. But a search of the source code of v.2.8.4 suggests very little, if any, of markjaquith’s patch has made it into the latest release.

    Now I’m really confused!

    As a WordPress newbie there’s obviously quite a lot I’m not getting here. Any hints from older hands would be much appreciated.

    Still hoping for a moderator to comment/shed some light.

    This is something I would really like to have. If it’s not built-in to WordPress, I’ll have to find a plugin. If it is supposed to be there, I’d love to have it working.

    Did anyone figure this one out?

    I don’t believe WordPress ever sent emails notifying of a submitted post for review. But there might be a plugin, such as Subscribe2, that could be used for something like that.

    I just wrote a post as a contributor and submitted it for review. Then logged in as admin, visited the Post->Edit screen and clicked on the “Pending Review” link at the top of the list of posts to see those posts that were submitted for review. Using 2.9.2, no plugins installed, WordPress Default theme.

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