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  • I have been trying to find help for my issue through Google search as well as in the Zazzle and the forums without success.

    I’m using WordPress 3.3.1 with the Suffusion theme and zhelper plugin. The plugin and store page was working beautifully until last night when I started getting this notice on the page “Error: Products temporarily unavailable.”

    At first I thought it might be a temporary issue on Zazzle’s end, but the situation hasn’t changed.

    Today, while on my domain’s store page, I right clicked to bring up the view page source and saw that there is this » in red text in three lines. (I made it bold for easier reading)

    Such as <title>LTerry Designs Store – LTerry Designs » LTerry Designs</title> (I have no idea why the title has LTerry three times)

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”LTerry Designs » Feed” href=”” />

    <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”LTerry Designs » Comments Feed” href=”” />

    and a & showing in read in this line

    <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’suffusion-generated-css’ href=’’ type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

    I looked at my theme’s header.php and didn’t see anything unusual. But then I’m not php or css code proficient, so could easily have missed something.

    Active plugins are

    AVH First Defense Against Spam
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend (Deactivating didn’t help)
    Google +1 button automator
    Pinterest “Pin It” Button
    Super Simple Google Analytics (Deactivating didn’t help)
    WordPress SEO
    WP Date Remover
    Zstore Helper (Deactivating and re activating didn’t help)

    Can someone please help with this issue. I don’t know why there would be errors, where or what to look for, or how to correct it.

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