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  • Hi faithbegins,

    For each form, you need to select which fields you want displayed on the Sticky List. You do this by expanding any given field (name, date, etc.) on the form editor and then checking the box near the bottom that says “Show in list”. Hope this helps!

    Ouch, I wish I had read this first.

    I thought it was a the form level, not the filed level. I just finished creating a form with >400 fields.

    Is there a way to check “Show in List” on all fields in a form?

    I guess I misread this. I only need to show fields that help ID the entry.

    Plugin Author fried_eggz


    Yes. If you have more than 400 fields in your form you probably only need to show a couple of fields in the list to help identlfy the entries.

    Thanks again @wildcheece for helping out, much apriciated.


    I did this and the list view is VERY crowded. I have about 13 form fields in the form I’m using using.

    Can this be laid out differently?

    @wpsupport2248 You don’t need to include all the fields, only include the fields that you need to distinguish the different entries.

    petesalerno thanks for that.

    However I still cannot View the form OR edit the form as the user. Any thoughts?

    Here is a copy of the settings I use and it works fine.

    /Users/MReding/Desktop/sticky setting.tiff

    rockysroad99 thanks for your feedback.

    However I am NOT a programmer and do knot know what you are referring to when you state “Here is a copy of the settings I use and it works fine. /Users/MReding/Desktop/sticky setting.tiff”

    What do I need to do to make this work on my site?

    I am not a programmer either, what I sent you was the Sticky List screenshot that I used and I have no problems. If you cannot use this for your own settings, you should not be using a computer–hire someone. However, I believe you must give users the right to view or edit a file. If “Administrator” is checked in the first box, the Administrator is the only one who can view or edit the entries. When in doubt, follow the directions. There is a small question mark (?) next to every field and if you place your curser on that (?), you will see instructions. On the first field, the instructions are: “Select who should be able to se the entries in the list. Administrators will always see all entries”.

    wpsupport2248 there are 2 places where you configure Sticky Lists.

    1st in the Form, for each Field you can select if that filed appears as a column in the list

    2nd in Settings for each Form, you can set who can access the Entries for that Form plus many other Stick List options.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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