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    I am trying to use this plugin and I want to be able to view comments on the Guestbook page.

    I have played around and not sure how I can make the comments appear within the plugin, there is a spot to post your comment on the page, but I want the comments to also show on the page.

    Hopefully that makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Plugin Author mibuthu


    Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

    Can you provide a more detailed description:
    What exactly have you done?
    What was the result of your tries?
    What exactly do you want to have and what does not work?

    I understand exactly what Jessica is trying to do because I have the same question.
    On the guestbook page is where the form is to leave a reply, but we would also like all the actual comments to appear on that same page, probably underneath the form.
    My page shows only the form. I would like the comments to also appears after the actual form.

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    This is a known issue, because many themes doesn’t provide a comment area. But this can be fixed, you can find the instructions in the FAQs.

    i’ve been on here all night and have found many different fixes. Can you tell me which one to follow please?

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    The following should work (excerpt from FAQ):
    If you still have problems after checking all these possibilities there is one more option available in the Guestbook settings (Comments -> Guestbook -> Comment-list settings -> “Show the comment list in the page content”. If you enable this option the comment list will be displayed in the page content instead of the seperate comment section. After that the comment list should be displayed also with themes which specifies no comment section for pages. Have a look at the option description on the settings page for detailed information.

    Interesting. When I select the above option as you mentioned, the comments now appear on the guestbook, but now the original form disappears. The form where they can leave a comment in the first place…
    Take a look here…

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    Have a look at the comment-form settings.
    There you can choose where the comment form should be shown.

    that’s awesome. i’m not sure why i missed this before.
    Thank you.

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