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  1. SomebodyHelp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm a novice when it comes to finding and modifying code, so please be VERY descriptive and precise if you help me out here. Don't assume I know anything. Would be great if you could use screenshots to help show me.

    It's happened again - after upgrading to 3.7, The "About Author" and "View All Posts by..." is back at the bottom of each post and it looks awful. How can I get rid of it? Is there a plugin? Or do I have to be a coding expert and risk blowing up my entire site if I get it wrong?

  2. SomebodyHelp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Or here's a more direct link that shows an example of it:

  3. WPyogi
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    Posted 1 year ago #

    I'm not sure what you mean it happened again - as you have a custom theme. But in any case, you can try adding this to your custom CSS:

    #entry-author-info {
        display: none;
  4. One way would be to use a CSS plugin to make it disappear otherwise you would have to talk to the person who made the theme/site for you. That would be the first thing I would do. That person would know more than us to begin with.

    If you are willing and daring then you can try installing a CSS plugin and add a few lines of code like WPYogi mentioned.

    Now, keep in mind that is a temporary fix as well because if that person chooses to update the theme things may change. :)

  5. SomebodyHelp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Thanks, guys. The last time I upgraded my WP version, same thing happened, and I emailed my website builder, and he fixed it. Every time I ask for fixes though, it costs me. The whole idea was to have a site that I could maintain without constantly having to pay for fixes.
    The next time I contact him, I will ask him to build something into it so that the "view all posts" stops coming back with every WP version upgrade.
    I guess to some degree, I just have to accept it as ongoing website maintenance that I have to pay for.

  6. SomebodyHelp
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Upgrading WordPress versions does other things to to my site too, and I've been able to fix a few of them. For instance, in the contact form, it added a "/5]" in the message part, which limited me to 5 letters in the message body. I took it out and now it's fine.

    Ultimately I guess I got what I paid for, which is a down and dirty website that works, but that isn't very beautiful looking. Such is life. It still has helped with my search engine ranking, etc.

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