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  • Hi

    I have used a plugin for the same purpose but it checked only if the vat number was correct for a member state (eg: if it exists)

    Thats wrong as it should be checked together with the business name.
    If not then one simply googles for a vat number for Holland, state in the order proces that client is from Holland and pay no tax, leaving us liable for it.
    Does this plugin check better?

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  • No, it’s actually not required to check the business name as well. As you can see with the official VIES VAT number validation tool, all that is required to validate a VAT number is the locale code and the VAT number itself.

    So that’s what this plugin does (among the other features, of course), but it’s the same as all the other VAT validation plugins out there.

    Hoi Coen,

    Belastingdienst zegt iets anders:

    Controleer het btw-identificatienummer

    Wilt u het btw-identificatienummer van uw klant controleren? Ga dan naar de internetsite van de Europese Commissie. U kunt hier de btw-identificatienummers van uw afnemers uit alle EU-lidstaten controleren. Dus ook die van uw Nederlandse afnemers.

    Op deze internetsite kunt u naast de geldigheid van het btw-identificatienummer ook de naam- en adresgegevens van uw afnemer controleren. Is het nummer niet geldig of wijken de naam- en adresgegevens af? Neem dan contact op met uw afnemer.

    Let op!
    Controleren van naam- en adresgegevens van klanten in Duitsland via bovenstaande internetsite is niet mogelijk. De bevestiging dat het btw-identificatienummer geldig is, is dan voldoende.

    Ik heb het eens nagevraagd en alhoewel mensen natuurlijk onder een bedrijfsnaam kunnen bestellen die niet van hen is, inclusief btwnummer, ligt de verantwoordelijkheid bij de ondernemer om de juiste check te doen, alleen wanneer dat niet kan is een check zoals je die nu doet voldoende.

    Er wordt gewerkt aan uniforme data vanuit VIES zodat alle landen adress en naam gaan rapportern ((((

    (Let’s keep the conversation in English here, so it can be used by other people for reference)

    Yes, as a vendor you are required to check the name and business address of your buyer if they are trying to be VAT exempt. This can not be automated though and needs to happen by the buyer after the order is received, unfortunately.

    Ok, the above quoted text states that it is obligatory to check oth the tax id and bisnuess details when the member state shares that info (which they all will)

    This can not be automated though and needs to happen by the buyer after the order is received By the seller u mean? If so thats not correct, u need to check your clients details before ordering actually.

    Does the VIES soap not provide that? The VIES website itself does, so i expected the soap thing to do the same.

    If that does not work now it will later as the check is a legal requirement, including the request code, u get that info by doing the request using your own tax id in the request. The transaction number returned should be stored as proof that u checked it

    This links seems to have it implemented but without the transaction id

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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