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  • i am basically a loner, and have no geek pals

    – i was wondering if anyone, since windows movie maker is so horrible

    -can recommend a decent alternative to WMM

    – i’d even pay a nominal feel for something that can do a good decent looking basic job.

    that said, any format converters would be great too. i can’t do ANYTHING with any of the formats w/ WMM – and again, i’d be happy to shell out a nominal fee…nominal being like $20-30 bucks since i know there HAVE to be decent movie/video editing projet makers out there.

    and as i mentioned, one can only do so LITTLE w/ WMM that many formats aren’t supported w/ WMM and makes it impossible to edit easily (for someone like me who isn’t patient) and idiot proof.

    I do have podpress and I like it and will be using it more in the next week finally – but as a photographer i am not happy with Flickr at all (i can’t even find a decent flickr flash badge or widget to use that is supported by 2.5)

    – and if i do something like shoot in hi speed with my Nikon d200, i cannot find anything to make a decent slide show with at the speed I require.

    see, told u i had no friends to ask these basic things!…

    with all of the advances and upgrades I thought there ought be something that works in tandem or complements WordPress these days!

    thanks in advance for your patience to my stupid questions!!…

    or should i just shut up and take somthing at a night school..If there are any night schools that deal with tutoring peple in this area…


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