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  • Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    Android phones are very picky. They only officially support baseline profile and the current version of the plugin doesn’t take that into account. I will release a new version of the plugin very soon that will give you a lot of control over the encoding options and should help with the Android problem. In the meantime if you’re comfortable editing the PHP code, try this:

    Find this line:
    $ffmpeg_options = ' -acodec '.$aaclib.' -'.$audio_bitrate_flag.' 128k -s '.$h264_movie_width.'x'.$h264_movie_height.' -vcodec libx264 '.$vpre_flags.' -threads 1 '.$movie_info['rotate'].' -'.$video_bitrate_flag.' '.$h264bitrate.'k -bt 800k -f ipod "'.$encodevideo_info[$format.'filepath'].'"';

    and add -profile:v baseline -level:v 3 after libx264 so it reads

    $ffmpeg_options = ' -acodec '.$aaclib.' -'.$audio_bitrate_flag.' 128k -s '.$h264_movie_width.'x'.$h264_movie_height.' -vcodec libx264 -profile:v baseline -level:v 3 '.$vpre_flags.' -threads 1 '.$movie_info['rotate'].' -'.$video_bitrate_flag.' '.$h264bitrate.'k -bt 800k -f ipod "'.$encodevideo_info[$format.'filepath'].'"';

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    Also, you can try encoding your videos at baseline profile before you upload them.

    Hello Kyle Gilman,

    Thanks for your prompt replies. Your plugin is working fine. Actually I have used a functionality of plugin to upload encoded videos for mobiles. It is working fine on other servers.

    I have two quiries regarding this, please suggest a soution if you are comfortable with the server setting and configurations. The videos are playing fine on other servers but it is not playing in samsung galaxy mobiles here – Don’t confuse with the videos showing at the desktop, they are different. please open this in samsung galaxy mobile, you will find the videos are not playing there.
    When I will shift the same code to some other server than the same videos will play definately.

    My second query is for the thumbnail generation, as I am uploading videos already encoded for the mobiles and also have installed ffmpeg on my server, the path of ffmpeg is also correct, then still the thumbnails are not coming.
    Please help ASAP.
    Feel good with a prompt support from this plugin.

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    I don’t have a Galaxy phone to test with. It does play on my Nexus 4. But I did notice a few problems with that video. First, it’s encoded using High profile, which is not officially supported on Android phones. The video wasn’t encoded by my plugin, so the code I sent you wouldn’t make a difference. If that exact video is working on Galaxy phones when it’s on a different server then I wouldn’t worry too much about the profile.

    I noticed that if you download the video the browser doesn’t tell you how big the file is until it’s finished. This usually indicates that it’s being compressed with mod_deflate or similar. That could interfere with both Galaxy playback and FFMPEG. Make sure that you’ve disabled deflate or gzip on mp4 files.

    Thanks Kyle Gilman,

    My issue has been resolved. You were correct, it was an encoding issue. Now I have encoded video from a new converter with low profile, video size is increases but no issues my problem has been solved.
    In the time when I was searching a solution to resolve my problem, I have a good understanding of your plugin. Finally I can say, you have prepared a good solution to play videos for wordpress users.

    Thanks for a good support.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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