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    Last time I think it was a SiteOrigin Page Builder issue. I have no idea what it is now. It shows everything except the image (video) which is mostly all I do. What do I need to do to get the videos and images to show as well? I’ve been through the whole settings.

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  • Sorry for your issues. Where exactly is the Facebook page feed on the website? I don’t see it with the link your provided. I see Youtube videos towards the bottom but nothing related to Facebook. Could you link me to where our plugin is active on the website?

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    Sorry… It’s the News Link. It is at the bottom of all the More info pages and at the bottom of each front page. These are 4 matched sites. I use you exclusively for “News Feeds” so realtors don’t have to learn how to code, or get into their own websites and mess them up. I make a business page for “Buyers” and one for “sellers” and they post to those pages to mirror on their own sites. Blogging made easy.


    I’ve tried every possible combination of setting on Feed Them and on PageBuilder by SiteOrigin.

    Does the plugin work for you if you enable the Content Cache? Please navigate to WP Admin > Settings > Page Builder and open the Content tab. Tick Content Cache and then save. Does it work now?

    Regarding shortcodes. When using the SiteOrigin Editor widget, click the checkbox to disable Automatically add Paragraphs, bottom left near the preview button.

    It doesn’t work. I have tried every possible combination of on and off of all three settings, including clearing the cache through this plug-in and clearing browner cache, restarting browser and restarting computer… with each change. I have also tried editing the posts in Facebook. Nothing seems to even have an effect Damon. J

    …Deactivating Toolset Type and even Jetpack has no effect either.

    Could you provide me with the shortcode you’re trying to use.

    [fts_facebook type=page id=1635737593356382 posts=6 posts_displayed=page_only]

    I also tried “post by page and others” as well. No effect.

    Could you email us at and include the fb app id or page token you’re using so we can test it on our end.

    Sent through email. J

    I thought maybe it was as you said in the email… host cache but I have several sites up and running with no problems. I have tried regenerating every token possible, delete and reinstall, turn off all widgets, and nothing. It’s just not fair. The 4 most visited business sites do not work and other sites that hardly ever get a view are working perfectly… from the same host. Even Xbdrtizinqr from the Phillipeans (who are now FatCows main help desk) couldn’t find anything (that was the best I could understand the name after 2 minutes of trying and the 4th phone call, playing help desk roulette and calling back over and over hoping to find an English speaker). I appreciate your logging into my site but I have NO IDEA what could possible be different in my 4 main sites and all the others. J

    All the new tokens work but only show old posts. No tokens or the one fetched works with current posts but no photos or videos.

    OK… this is what is known so far. You have to access your Facebook page with the plug-ins “Login and get your access token” button. It is a different code from what you generate from Facebook site. Leave the “app ID” blank.

    The next most important thing currently is to post directly to the Facebook page. You can’t do anything easy like share it from account or another page. You have to do each and every one individually if you want photos and videos to show in the plug-in on your site.

    I hope Damon can fix this in the next update… and maybe a big “Play” icon in the middle of the video, like everyone else has, so slow people can tell it’s a video. The nice little play icon on the bottom left is not as obvious as it needs to be.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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