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    Been having issues since the update, I have answered your questions about what I have done and would like. I have searched and there are a couple of other similar problems but apparently I am supposed to open my own thread.

    1.Please tell me exactly what you want! So you do not want thumbnails you want to play the videos normally in place as they are now or am I wrong? Do you actually understand what the thumbnail mode means? Because to me it looks like you have no idea.
    answer: I would like my existing videos to display as before. I do not use thumbnails

    2.Why where there thumbnails on that site if you do not want them?
    answer: I added the thumbnail code to try to see if it would work

    3.What exact shortcodes did you use on the sites that are not working and what exact shortcodes did you use on that site that are displaying thumbnails even if you do not want them?
    answer:[youtube id=”TYB8agv1Dwk” mode=”normal” align=”left”]

    4.Why did you speak about “editing thumbnails option for all videos” please explain? Did you mean by that editing a mode=”thumbnail” into your shortcodes or what? That did help? If yes in what way? From being not displayed at all to being displayed as thumbnails?
    answer: installing colorbox and adding the thumbnail option helped but I do not want to use colorbox, would prefer as before

    5.What options do you use? Specifically the ‘mode’ option.
    answer:mode=”normal” align=”left”

    Plus, I have as asked by you, downloaded the version and uploaded it. I am using WP3.7.1 and their theme 2012; simple site with no modifications and 10 plugins. Which I turned off for five minutes to see if there was a conflict

    http://beara.biz/beara-video/ no videos visible on this post
    http://beara.biz/beara-top-tyres/ no videos visible on this page.
    In fact no videos anywhere

    I really hope this is of use to you Nico, I will leave this site like this for another 24 hours if that is of use


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  • OK, No news is good news…
    I have resolved the problem on the links in the previous post by reinstalling 2.75 it all goes back to normal with no effort at all.

    But to help Nico I installed the V3.04 that I downloaded from his site on http://bearaseaview.com/contact-us/ at the top of the page there should be a youtube video but it does not appear.
    All the shortcode etc is the same as previous post. I will leave it there for as long as you like.

    Am I the only one with this problem, if so maybe it is my shared server. I don’t know and it is no big deal V2.75 works fine.

    Plugin Author Nico


    Thanks for answering all the questions Richie 😉

    I think got the problem now, it happening because of the float left. I will most likely fix that soon. Also you can fix is yourself right now, see below.

    Short answer: Add a maxwidth to shortcodes that you want to align to a side (makes no sense if they have 100% width anyway) [youtube id=”TYB8agv1Dwk” mode=”normal” align=”left” maxwidth=”400″]

    Long answer:

    1. Ideally you should never install Colorbox, never use thumbnail mode since you not wanted it in the first place. Even if I said so. Trying something you not want started the confusion. I guessed you wanted it.

    5. What I meant was not not shortcode attributes. I meant the real options. This plug has a options page. In the older versions before 3.0 it was under ‘Plugins’ on the Admin Dashboard not its under ‘Settings’.

    I advice you to not to use the mode attribute in your Shortcodes if you do not want to use the thumbnail mode anyway, just set mode -> normal in options (it should be by default). Then all your shortcode will be use normal mode. If you one day decide you want all videos to be thumbnails, you can just change that options and all videos with no mode= set will change. I recently wrote a short documentation on my site that might explain it better.

    It looks like you not use the float option on this page http://beara.biz/beara-video/ so this was the page that did not broke after the update I guess?

    You can also fix the floats = invisible issue right now without any update with simply setting the ‘maxwidth’ either inside options or inside as url/shortcode paramater.

    You know the align attribute makes not much sense with the normal mode without a maximal width anyway since if they are have 100% width they cant really align/float anywhere. Try it out, it should work.

    I also had this idea now of outputting some invisible data on peoples pages about what attributes and options they use so I not need to guess/ask every time.

    In the end your issue and reporting now finally helped me and provoked that idea, thanks 😉

    Hey Nico,

    Thanks very much for your help. I have used both of the solutions and they are perfect. I have reinstalled the V3.04 onto beara.biz and changed the max width shortcode option and all works as before.
    This is such a great plugin as the only “responsive” thing missing for my sites was the video embedding, cheers for that.

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