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  • I’m concerned about Videopress. It seems like the product development has stalled. Here are my concerns:

    1. The latest Videopress plugin available is version 1.5.2 released in August 2011, is only listed as compatible with WP 3.2.1.

    2. There are no blog posts on the site since August 2011.

    3. Videopress server-side code should be available via the GNU General Public License, as stated at However, this link takes you to a repository that only contains version 1.0 of the server-side code from 2009. Videopress has improved significantly since then, as well as added HTML5 support. Although alot of this is probably handled by the more recently updated plugin, you’d think in 2+ years there would at least be some bug fix releases on the server side??

    The thing I like about Videopress is the reporting, but have considered setting up the Videopress server code on my own server so that I can create custom reporting of the video plays (this is extremely important to me; otherwise I would have no problem paying for Videopress and the necessary storage).

    Any comments appreciated!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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