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    Hi Jetpack team,

    Thank you so much for this video solution.

    I got it yesterday and recorded, uploaded and embedded a 22-min lesson video in a Sensei lesson in a little more than half an hour. Works like a charm.

    Unfortunately, my hoster has set an upload file size limit of 256 MB and insists I should try out FTP uploading.

    That makes me wonder: The video is hosted with VideoPress once it is uploaded. So, instead of finding a workaround via FTP and server, wouldn’t it be more user-friendly to offer a web interface at VideoPress to upload large video files, to then embed them into a post or page? This way, end users like me could focus on our core competencies instead of becoming server level IT proficient.

    Thanks a lot for considering this feature.


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    A related question:
    In embedding a video in a Sensei lesson, I would not want the video itself to be accessible via the attachment page. I see that there is a link to the video that works also in an incognito browser window, but that there is the option in the media asset page to uncheck a link to share the video. Do I have to protect it any further, like with a SEO plugin that redirects from the attachment page to the post itself?

    Thanks for clarifying,

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    Working from a Chromebook, I need a simple and secure program to upload videos to WordPress via FTP, if necessary, and import them into the Mediathek, if necessary. How does that work?

    My hoster is proposing programs that are not available for Chrome OS and plugins I don’t know.

    This is unfortunate. I do not want to be limited to 30 min. video lessons in 720p because of my hoster’s restrictions. I find your VideoPress solution so elegant.

    Do you know a hoster who does not set such limits?

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    Hi @nmschaller,

    I’m marking this topic as closed as we’re addressing your questions via direct email.

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