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    Is there a video tutorial that anyone knows of that will show me in DETAIL, how to operate any of the following drop down menu plugins —- DROP DOWN MENU; DROP DOWN MENU MULTI, Superfish or Suckerfish. I can download these plugins fine but I need to know how to make them work. The first two look like they don’t need code changes but I want the menu to replace my current header/Home menu which isn’t doing what I need it to do right now. This is what I’m trying to do.
    Home (no link) Reviews (no link) Spotlighting(no link)
    By Genre (no link) Musings (link to pg)
    Paranormal (link to page) Author (link to pg)
    Erotica (link to page)
    etc. etc. I will need at least 4 drop down menus for my different categories but I just don’t understand how to utilize the plug in once it’s downloaded. I’m willing to read and learn and help myself, but I need some direction because right now I’m not connecting the dots.

    HELP PLEASE!! I am desperate because I’ve been trying for the last 12 hours and I just can’t get it without a little help. Hope someone out there will take pity upon me and help.

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  • That header/menu explanation is totally jumbled. Should read —
    Home Reviews….Spotlighting…Information… Contact etc.
    The above is my home/navigation bar.

    Specifically it should look like below, keeping in mind the navigation buttons in bold would be right beside each other.

    Home (no link)

    Reviews (no link)
    By Genre (no link)
    Paranormal (link to page)
    Erotica (link to page)

    Musings (link to page)
    Author (link to page)

    Hope this is more helpful.

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