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  • I’m using the latest version 1.8.1 of the Video Thumbnails plugin. It worked for the longest time and then randomly sometime in the past few months (I think after a WordPress update) it stopped working and I have been uploading the thumbnails manually. I can’t tell you the exact time or which update it was because I wasn’t really paying attention to the thumbnails when it stopped working.

    I deleted and re-installed the plugin and then ran a “scan past posts” with no luck. I am a novice wordpress user and know very little about wordpress and coding, all I know is the plugin recently stopped working.

    My website:
    if you scroll down and go to the second page you will see where I neglected to manually upload featured images and the plugin has failed to work.

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  • It’s the new update. It stopped working for me today.

    Stopped working for me as well, after months of success. Is there a fix in the works?

    Plugin Author Sutherland Boswell


    Hey guys, are you all using YouTube videos? If you are, can you see if it will work using Vimeo?

    If other video sources work, the problem is likely related to changes YouTube is making concerning IPv6. Try this version and let me know if it works.

    i tried that and i got this

    The plugin generated 2 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    Also another message at the top of the page saying it clashes with facebook all in one plugin

    Plugin Author Sutherland Boswell


    If the version I linked to before doesn’t work for you can you please share your PHP version? I believe that fix requires PHP 5.3 or higher.

    No idea about php version, where would i find this?



    Mine all of a sudden started working again, but messed up today. It’s not reading that I have a video in my post again. I use Video Quicktags for embedding videos.



    It stopped working at once. The image is there at the right side but it does not appear as featured image on my post

    Devilish Concept


    Checked my php it is 5.3.13 so yea this fix isnt working

    Devilish Concept


    Yep after i turned of the fb plugin it just did the same thing as before but with no error messages

    i run a scan on my custom post type it says success but thats it no pics show and nothings in my library 🙁

    any thoughts



    Vimeo thumbnail do work. But youtube no way

    Devilish Concept


    On closer inspection i noticed the plugin its self does work grabbing images if you go to each individual post and scan for an image then publish, this will save the thumbnail to your media libery but it does not auto set it featured image,

    just a thought maybe wp changed some code around the featured image stuff in one of the last 2 updates, seeing this isnt working for anyone and the main settings page scanner is not saving as it cant set?

    just a thought anyways boswell let me know if it is that or not kso

    Plugin Author Sutherland Boswell


    Hey everyone!

    I released version 1.8.2 today which hopefully should fix the problem. Let me know if it works or if you’re still experiencing issues!



    Good news… bad news. 😐

    I have 9 posts with videos.

    When I ran Scan Past Posts, I got 9 green check marks… Success!

    But only the first 4 posts with videos displayed thumbnails on the website. This correlated with 4 new images added to the Media Library.

    The 4 posts with images had Video Thumbnails and Featured Images set; the other 5 had Video Thumbnails, but had no Featured Image set.

    Reset Video Thumbnail had no effect.

    A second Scan Past Posts had no effect. But…

    On a third try to Scan Past Posts, 2 more thumbnails were set, 6 total.

    I hate the build up of extra images in the media library so I deleted what I thought were the older of the images, and lost 2 featured images in the process (back to 4).

    I ran another scan, and this time 8 of the scanned posts had zeros next to them, and 4 successes.

    Next scan, all green checked success, but only back up to 6 set featured images. As with the next scan.

    Uninstalled Video Thumbnails plugin. Removed all set Featured Images. Deleted all the images from the Media Library. Reinstalled Video Thumbnails plugin. Ran Scan.

    All green checked successes. No Featured Images set. No images added to Media Library. And little tiny image placeholders in Video Thumbnail section below the Set Featured Image section for 6 of the posts. 3 of the posts had actual images for Video Thumbnails, but no set Featured Images (and no images in the Media Library… hmmmm).

    Well, that’s my report for now. Thank you for continuing to work on this. I will continue to help with feedback as I can.

    Hmmm youtube thumbs still don’t work. Even with the 1.8.2 version.

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