• On twenty twenty one wordpress theme when a youtube video was embedded on a post the video thumbnail would automatically display on the blog page. Twenty twenty two does not seem to do the same. When videos are embedded in posts and the posts are displayed on the blog page only the title shows. Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted in order for the video thumbnails to show on twenty twenty two blog?

    I know that a plugin will likely solve this but would love to avoid plugins if possible,

    thanks, tom

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  • How are you adding them? Embed code or URLs?

    Here is a quick sample that I just did on a dev site


    I used the youtube block and pasted in the URL

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    Yes, thanks for your response. And yes, I place the url in the youtube embed box and the thumbnail does come up on the post…just as your example did. My concern is not about the individual post pages, those seem to work just fine, it is about the blog page that lists multiple posts. There are no video thumbnails on the blog page even though there are multiple posts of youtube videos showing. Only the titles are showing, not the thumbnails. I am hoping that someone knows how to adjust things so that the youtube video thumbnails show up on the blog page. Tom

    OK now I see what you mean.

    This isn’t a great solution, but you could manually take a capture of the video, and then set that image to the featured image. That way, it would show up on the blog page.

    You can see what I mean here

    btw awesome name. I really wish we had legit Kilgore Trout books lol

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    Yes, thanks for your quick response. I agree that it is a simple task to add a featured image for the video but I have hundreds of videos that will be added to this site and it would become far too labor intensive to manually add featured images for each one. If this theme won’t automatically add a thumbnail to the blog then it is not going to work for me. It’s frustrating because the twenty twenty one theme did this automatically. Frustrating.

    LOL I have always been attached to ol Kilgore and to the writing of K Vonnegut.

    Yeah might have to be a different theme.

    And Vonnegut is brilliant

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    You may be right. I just can’t believe that something as simple as this might be omitted from the theme. We will see.

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