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  • Just wonder if this has anything to do with the plugin to show the blog-roll only on the HOME page? Could my ‘end if’ type of code was placed in the wrong part of the file?

    Now I found that the videos that came from the same source could not be displayed due to the fact that this video can only be displayed at the HOME page. Once a new posting is added and the old posting moved down, it would not be showing up again especially if the posting has been pushed down to next page and the only way to see it is to look at individual posting and the video will not be showing up there.

    Any clue where and what file to look at?



    atanone, I don’t know if this helps, but I used firefox’s “inspect element” where the video is supposed to be on the post page (not home page).

    For some reason, a whole page code shows up, and I think this is what is messing up as it is not present in the post when it is on the “home” page.

    Large chunk of code removed by moderator. Please use for this sort of thing.

    Swikan, I don’t know about firefox’s “inspect element” but if I look at the codes, nothing change in the video part both on the ‘Home’ or ‘the post page’ pages.

    I don’t know what do you mean by a whole page code shows up. Would you please post the code at the link suggested by the moderator?



    I also found “Inspect This” and “Inspect Elements” add on software but there is no user guide and I still don’t know how to use it.

    (Sorry, Moderator. I am not a regular in the forums. atanone: I think “inspect element” is part of the “Firebug” extension.)

    This is what is in the “script” tag. As you can see, it has the code for a whole page, starting with the “doc type” blobbity blah at the top and ending with the “/body” tag.

    That isn’t there on the homepage version of the entry.I hope this helps!

    I don’t know how did you get those codes, swikan. I also don’t understand how the whole codes started with a script calling tag on the first line and ended with the script closing tag. It basically wraps the html tag in both pages. I didn’t see the same code when I use View Source in both IE and FF. Is this the result of inspect element? Also, it seems like these are the codes for the container and I didn’t see the contents there.

    Any suggestion?

    Hey, really appreciate your taking time to answer. Thanks,


    Oh, ok. I reread your post and understand that it’s what you saw inside the script in both cases. That answers the tag in the beginning and at the end of what you listed there. Is this the problem of where to place the script reference? I don’t know if that is the right word, i.e., reference, but you know, usually in a webpage, we place the script tag in the header. I was thinking that the script should only wrap the video codes and not the whole page like what you’ve capture. Any pointer?


    I just talked to Nurudin Jauhari of and he suggested to put the absolute path to java script and it works. Thanks Mr. Jauhari.

    Oh, good. So sorry I wasn’t much help but glad you figured it out!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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