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    Is there a video on how to create an AD, using a PNG/JPG/GIF and URL. Then adding it to the side bar area on a blog page?

    As it stand now WD slider made more sense for AD but I know that it will NOT track the # of clicks vs views.,

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  • This example is using WD Slider and it work great, how exact can you do this in WD Ad Manager so that I can track the view vs clicks.

    Hello, @garthmj!

    Thank you for posting your question!

    Unfortunately, Ad Manager WD plugin does not have a video tutorial, however, you can set up a similar ad element the following way.

    1. Please create your ads as described here,

    2. Add a Dynamic ad group as well (follow this guide to do so).

    3. Add your ads to this group. You need to navigate to All Adverts page and edit the one you wish to assign to the group. Click Add New Group from the right side of the editor, and select the group from its dropdown menu.

    4. Publish your ad group using Placement option in its setting, and you will have a slideshow-like ad rotator on your website. The ads will rotate without having to refresh the page.

    Thanks! Have a wonderful day!


    Hate to say it but I have reviewed the docs and IMO the docs are all but useless.

    Where is an example of AD code? Where is a tool to autocreate the AD code for me.
    Where is the troubleshooting steps when the AD code doesn’t work..

    This link has a Group of Ads but clearly its not working as nothing is displayed.

    Hello, @garthmj!

    The ad code can be any code, built with:

    • HTML and CSS,
    • Javascript,
    • Specific advertisement code, such as Google AdSense.

    For example, you can add an image banner by placing the following code to Ad Code option:

        <img src="" alt="Sample Image">

    Could you please post the ad code you have written in your Ad Manager WD ads?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi @wdsupport
    There are two banners that make up the group that does work.
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=></a>'

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=></a>

    Hello, @garthmj!

    Thanks for the code!

    Please note, that the first one has a single quotation mark at the end (I wasn’t sure if it was a typo, but please remove it when you ad the code to Ad Manager WD).

    I have added two ads which included these code blocks and assigned them to a Dynamic group. Set up auto-refresh interval and published the group on this page:

    The ads are appearing and rotating correctly, please make sure to check if Adblock browser extension is running on your website.

    In case it still won’t work, please post the link to the page, where your ad group is published. We will have a look.

    Thank you! Have a good weekend!

    Yes, that was a cut & paste typo…

    The difference between your setup and mine, Is mine is within the side bar.

    I have spent that last hour working on this again. I’m finding that if it is in the side bar it does not work correctly. Why IDK.

    Hello, @garthmj!

    I have added the group as a widget on this page, but it is appearing correctly:

    Please try switching your website theme, and see if the ad group works. Also, you can deactivate the plugins one by one and check the ad group each time.

    If there’s a conflict with a plugin or the theme, you will find out this way.

    Let us know how it goes.
    Thanks! Have a wonderful start of the week!

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    Hi @wdsupport
    There are two things.
    1) I deactived everything and still AD manager doesn’t work. so…
    2) There is a caching issue with W3 Total Cache and groups or Ads. They never seem to expirer.

    Hey, @garthmj!

    1. Unfortunately, we couldn’t check the problem, because your website did not load CSS and scripts. Please check this animated screenshot.

    But, could you please contact our team through the following form, and send the link to this forum thread?

    We will check the issue ASAP, and share the solution here.

    2. As for the cache problem, W3 Total Cache should have exception options for plugins. Please add one for Ad Manager WD.


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